Pearly live in Berlin but grew up on the island of Ireland. Pearly like to turn scratchy into something worth looking at. Pearly hide sometimes but when the songs are shiny they come out and share them with other pearly people.

Musing’s from Pearly enthusiasts:

‘…this Meath three-piece’s new single moves between chamber pop, piano ballads and a grandeur that most acts can’t reach..’ – Nialler9 for The Irish Times
‘….the song wows and wibbles and finishes as a huge invocation to some unguessable cosmic theme…..’ – BBC Radio Ulster’s Across The Line
‘…it’s not just that the music sounds great, the transference of feeling and emotion is delivered with absolute precision, whilst sounding completely unforced, and that’s where the real victory lies.’ – Remy’s Music and Film Blog IRE

‘Everything seems removed from its context, melodies and rhythms collide into one another with conviction while Saramai’s siren-esque voice calls us further into the dream, further into the sonic world…’ – The Last Mixed Tape Blog IRE