Saramai are from Co. Meath. The band includes Saramai Leech on keys and Cormac O’Keeffe on electric guitar. They were chosen as one of the bands to showcase at Hard Working Class Heroes this year and at Arrivals Sligo Live. Their Other Voices performance was aired this summer on RTE 2.

Having recorded two EPs with Tommy McLaughlin in Attica Studios (Villagers, Cathy Davey, Bell X1, SOAK), they have recently released their second EP ‘Magnetic North’ after an 12 date UK and Ireland Tour with a headline show in Whelans.

They have enjoyed radio play on RTE 1, 2FM, Lyric FM, Today FM, 8radio, BBC Ulster, Radio France, Newstalk, 98 FM, Highland Radio, Radio na Life, Near FM and LMFM among others.

‘Magnetic North’ and ‘Red Moon’ are out on Greenbay records and are available on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify.

‘…this Meath three-piece’s new single moves between chamber pop, piano ballads and a grandeur that most acts can’t reach..’ – Nialler9 for The Irish Times Culture Section Oct 14 2016

‘….the song wows and wibbles and finishes as a huge invocation to some unguessable cosmic theme…..’ – BBC Radio Ulster’s Across The Line Sept 30 2016 .



‘…it’s not just that the music sounds great, the transference of feeling and emotion is delivered with absolute precision, whilst sounding completely unforced, and that’s where the real victory lies.’ – Remy’s Music and Film

‘Everything seems removed from its context, melodies and rhythms collide into one another with conviction while Saramai’s siren-esque voice calls us further into the dream, further into the sonic world…’ – The Last Mixed Tape

“Saramai retains the powerful emotion of last years stunning debut EP Red Moon on new single ‘Hanging Around’. A notable difference this time round however is the energy and thrust provided by bringing both drums and guitar more to the forefront. Saramai’s unique vocals, at times reminiscent of a 1920’s jazz club chanteuse, and at others power-pop, are cripplingly heartfelt and moving.
The songs softer moments are delicate and calming, but merely leading you toward the tempest that comes on the robust pre-chorus; “And I’ve seen the devil / Looking at you / Better that you know he’s there / Otherwise he’s everywhere / Hiding in plain view.” ‘Hanging Around’ is strong evidence once again that Saramai is currently one of Ireland’s most talented solo acts and song-writers whom I hope will reach a far greater audience in 2016.” – Remy’s Music and Film

“L’enchanteur piano de Saramai nous transporte avec « Hanging Around » dans les profondeurs abyssales d’une coquille pleine de dissimulations sensibles….L’ivresse d’une angoisse, celle d’un espoir, ou d’une absence… Une poésie alcoolisée qui ne manque pas de provoquer l’arythmie sanguine des cœurs mélancoliques « And I’ve seen the devil / Looking at you / Better that you know he’s there / Otherwise he’s everywhere / Hiding in plain view ».
« Hanging Around » tremble de souffrance sans jamais se complaire dans une plainte vaine : la peur se transcende dans ce petit écrin de douceur, tendu comme un fier drapeau blanc face aux affres tentatrices du frisson abyssal.” – Indie France

“A bare-boned offering from Saramai, ‘Hanging Around’ is rough around the edges but big on feeling.
From the raw reverberated sound of the record to Saramai’s lilting isolated vocal, the live-take feel of ‘Hanging Around’ serves the song completely and gives the music the space to move both dynamically and emotively. Resulting in a single that has a strong depth of field to it.” – The Last Mixed Tape

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“….Saramai – the winner of the IMRO Other Room open call – delivered a series of songs, including Red Moon and Butterfly Waltz, that made her many new friends, and tipped her as a singer-songwriter to watch out for in 2016.” – Tony Clayton Lea IMRO Other Voices

”Butterfly Waltz’ is like Kate Bush without the crazy and a small dash of Sinead O’Connor’s ardor……’Fall A While’ is one of the most moving Irish tracks I’ve heard this year and probably in longer, and I know I absolutely have to see this artist live, and soon.’ – Remy’s Music and Film

“With the shivering poetry (Butterfly Waltz), disturbing incandescence (Red Moon) and poignant melancholy (Return Again Soon), the first EP Saramai is great without claiming any excess. The fragile restraint, sensitive and evocative of “Red Moon” captivates and enlightens even in its most exclusive corners unite one voice to 88 keys. Touched irreparably heart.” – Indie (Translated from French)